Current contest entries:

Submission of artwork for Liquids 2017 art contest

Fill out the form below to submit an image for consideration in the art contest. Up to 20 best submissions will be selected for public display in a gallery in 150cm × 100cm (horizontal × vertical) format.

Please submit high-quality images (.png, .tiff, optionally .jpg on highest quality settings) with minimal resolution 100dpi (around 6000px × 4000px). Prepare your image in the aspect ratio of 3:2 (full-panel, landscape format) or 3:2 (half-panel, portrait format) and keep the file size below 100MiB.

Each entrant may submit up to three images. Any technique is welcome (microscopy, photography, computer generated, painting or drawing, ...), as long as the image relates to one of the topics of this conference. Entries will be judged on originality, informational content, technical proficiency and artistic merit.

To avoid spam, submissions are reviewed manually and only shown in the gallery above, after they are verified as legitimate.

Disclaimer: By submitting any images to the contest you grant a license to the Jožef Stefan Institute and University of Ljubljana to print, display and publish the image(s) on their web sites. Copyright will of course remain with the creator, as will the responsibility for the image.